Why Speedskate

Speed skating is the fastest human powered, non-mechanical aided sport in the world…reaching speeds of more than 35 mph during long track sprint races. When you see a speed skater gliding on the ice surface, it looks so easy and simple. But to reach these high speeds a skater must have incredible technique, strength and endurance.


The physical conditioning and balance developed while working towards proper skating technique make speed skating a great crossover sport. Skaters build strength, coordination, agility and power through low impact exercise.

Cyclists, runners and swimmers often will turn to speed skating during the winter months for its aerobic workout while skiers have used skating as a crossover-training vehicle to work on their weight-transfer skills and endurance. Hockey players have looked to speed skating as a way to improve skating technique and build speed on the ice.

Achieving Personal Goals & Building Community

Speed skating is an individual sport that is practiced in a team environment. Each skater can improve his/her skills, fulfill their personal potential, and set and achieve personal goals at their own pace. The club aspect of speed skating offers an environment where the skater can become a member of a community and work with others in the pursuit of common objectives.

Many members have discovered that speed skating is not just about getting into better shape or becoming a better skater, it’s also about building friendships (people swap stories and jokes between workouts) and family-bonding (parents and children skate together).

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