Getting Speedskates

Our club has a number of used speedskates that are available to beginners. These skates cost $50 to rent for the season and are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Members of the club will help sharpen them. Most club members begin with an introductory skate/blade package. Most people who have purchased the introductory package have not needed to upgrade as they became more experienced.

For more information on speedskating suppliers that our club members have dealt with please check out our CONTACT page.

Additional Gear

When you DO buy skates make sure you also get the following items:

  • Skate guards: (these allow you to walk on your blades without ruining them)
  • Soakers: (you put these on your blades after you skate so they are protected and can dry off)
  • A Sharpening Jig: (used to sharpen the skate blades when they become dull). Club members will be available to teach you how to sharpen skates.

Skate and Equipment Vendors:

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