Getting Started


Please fill out the following forms prior to the session to save time; ice fees are listed on the registration form:

No Experience Required

No speedskating experience is required to skate with us but it is highly recommended that you have at least some skating experience (on ice or inline). Ideally you should be comfortable balancing on skates and able to skate a few laps around the rink on your own.

Trying it Out

Beginners are allowed to attend up to three sessions as a walk-on without making a  commitment to the club. Visiting skaters will be asked to pay an introductory fee for each session that you skate ($10 for a child or student, $15 for adult). This fee includes the $1 insurance fee that the club will pay to US Speedskating on your behalf. After three sessions you will be asked to join the club, join US Speedskating (required for insurance reasons),  and pay the remaining ice fee for the season (see registration form, below, for fees).

Membership Requirements

Before you step on the ice as a walk-on you must be a member of the following organizations:

Beginners can take advantage of the US Speedskating’s first time membership,  a 2-month trial membership for $10.

Membership to these organizations is mandatory for insurance and liability purposes. No one may step onto the ice without first signing up with US Speedskating. You can become a member of US Speedskating by registering on the US Speedskating membership page.


The only equipment that is necessary is:

  • ice skates (hockey skates are OK for beginners),
  • a helmet (bicycle or hockey is OK),
  • neck guard (available at sporting goods stores that sell hockey equipment),
  • full fingered cut resistant gloves, long sleeve shirt, full length pants.

We  recommend knee and elbow pads as they reduce the chance of injury during a fall.

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