Welcome to the Taconic Speedskating Club

The Taconic Speedskating Club is a private club that skates at the E.J. Murray Ice Rink in Yonkers, NY. Sessions for the 2015/2016 season are on Wednesday evenings from 6:35-7:50, from November 4, 2015, to March 23, 2016 (except 11/25 and 12/30). Please arrive early  to fill out paperwork, pay fees, and put on your skates (or your child’s skates).

The Taconic (originally Yonkers) Speedskating Club is the oldest club of it’s kind in the Westchester area and has been offering speed skating at The Murray Rink since 1960. Club members are ready and willing to introduce all newcomers to this exciting and unique sport. Our club welcomes skaters of all ages and abilities, from beginners to competitors.  Many of our skaters participate on a purely recreational level, while others have gone on to compete nationally.

Speedskating is a lifelong sport, and a wonderful cross-training opportunity for runners, bicyclists and any other athlete who wants a low impact, high aerobic activity to complement their sports regime.

The club skating sessions are lead by a coach. Sessions are organized to provide a comprehensive workout for all levels. Instruction is offered to new participants to help them progress toward the world of speed on skates.

Competitions are held where novice to expert skaters enjoy the thrill of competing both locally and outside the metropolitan area.

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